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Deal With It!
Master 21 Tough Sales Office Situations

Endless negotiations, obsessing over incentives, buyer’s remorse—every sales office has its share of daunting customer interactions. Jeff pinpoints 21 of the most common sales office difficulties—and turns each one into a high-yield opportunity!

What Clients Say:

"To be the best, you must associate with the best, and Jeff Shore is it! His approach to new home sales training is practical and relevant to today’s market. Now combine that with energy, enthusiasm and real life solutions and you have the makings of a top-notch seminar, which Jeff delivers! Each time we bring Jeff to our Divisions, he continues to awe, inspire and motivate our Sales Associates as well as our Leadership Teams, providing them with the tools they need to be the very best! "

Michele Loker
Manager – National Sales Training & Development
Meritage Homes

"Jason Forrest is an awesome trainer and sales coach. He is the consummate professional—prepared, current with the market and able to tailor his training to the needs of the team. He provides valuable insight and all-important confidence to the sales team during a challenging market."

Cathy Bergstrom
Director of Sales
Miller and Smith Homes

Shore Forrest Sales Strategies is all about real-world training leading to real world results. We don't re-hash old concepts and share unproven theories. We talk to homebuyers and learn the way they purchase. The processes we teach are designed to make it easy and natural for the prospect to make a buying decision. Simply put, our proven strategies lead salespeople to sell the way a buyer wants to buy.

What makes Shore Forrest's remarkable new home sales training programs so effective? In a word: application. Jeff and Jason fervently believe that effective training is not about the trainer – it is all about the interaction between the prospect and the sales professional.

Sales teams around North America have been transformed by some of the most powerful concepts they have ever heard, including:

  • The Formula for Change: Why People Buy
  • 7 Steps to Creating Urgency
  • The Dangers in "Chasing Easy"
  • How to Convert the "Just Looking" Buyer
  • Developing "Insane Curiosity"
  • Closing as a Service to the Prospect
  • Driving Self-Generated Traffic
  • And much more!

At Shore Forrest Sales Strategies we make the following promises:

  • Customized Training. We will work with you and your team to create the program that fits your needs, not ours. Whether for one day or for six months, we design the program that serves our clients.
  • Interactive Training. We believe that salespeople learn best by doing, not by listening. We provide a safe, cooperative learning environment that encourages salespeople to become involved in their own developmental process.
  • Partnership Training. At Shore Forrest we understand that follow-up is critical to success, so we offer a variety of post-training opportunities, including coaching programs, phone follow-ups, sales meeting assignments and more.
  • Long-Term Success. For those clients who are committed to do what it takes to be the very best they can be, we offer Leadership Selling®, a comprehensive long-term program that has produced unparalleled results for sales teams across the country. Click on the Leadership Selling® link for more information.

Creating Urgency University
40 Day Sales Dare
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