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Partial Client List

  • Meritage Homes
  • Lennar Homes
  • Ryland Homes
  • Standard Pacific Homes
  • Epcon Communities
  • DR Horton
  • Toll Brothers
  • William Lyon Homes
  • The Villages
  • Hometown America
  • Richmond American Homes
  • McBride and Son Homes
  • K. Hovnanian Homes
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Beazer Homes
  • McBride Homes
  • Pulte / Del Webb
  • Pardee Homes
  • Carma Communities
  • Playa Vista
  • The Mark Company
  • Ideal Homes
  • Miller & Smith
  • Polygon Homes Northwest
  • Hendrickson Marketing
  • Polygon Homes
  • Premier Homes
  • The Fairview Condos
  • The Marketing Directors
  • Ute Lake Ranch
  • Windermere
  • Granite Homes
  • The Olson Company
  • DMB Development
  • Camelot Homes
  • Castle and Cook
  • The Irvine Company
  • Owens Corning
  • Curtis Homes
  • De Young Properties
  • Garden Homes
  • John L Scott
  • Kanapaha Realty
  • Main Street Homes
  • MBK Homes
  • Premier Communities
  • Brice Group
  • CBH Homes
  • Centerline Homes
  • Coleman Homes
  • Maracay Homes
  • Tim Lewis Communities
  • Empire Homes
  • North Star Yacht Club
  • Vantage Homes
  • Pepper Viner
  • Arcadia Development

The word is out! Experts from all over the country are raving about the powerful, practical, and lasting impact that Jeff Shore and Jason Forrest's training has had on their sales teams. Here are just a few samples of the many letters and e-mails Jeff and Jason have received:

"I just had to let you know how incredibly well my team did this past month with a total of 236 transactions, or 5.2 transactions per rep. My team is really pumped with your coaching and the creation of our new sales path. You are the bomb. We just had our best month and we are having our best year since 2006. Thank you for coaching our team to higher levels than imagined."
Mary Antepenko
Pre-owned Homes
"Jason is an outstanding asset to our company and sales team. This is not only due to his excellent training ability and talent, but also due to his deep passion, desire and willingness to become personally involved."
Janis Jackson
VP of Sales
Hometown America
"The Tough Market New Home Sales seminar was exceptional. Jeff is a dynamic, engaging trainer and not to be missed. The "take aways" for our sales team were not only skill-based but also those important intangibles - motivation, momentum and energy all of which cannot be underestimated."
Rita Moore
Sales Trainer
"In this market, training is even more important than usual. Finding the budget to commit to training is hard, but Jason Forrest makes the decision easy. The results are worth far more than the investment."
Cathy Bergstrom
Director of Sales
Miller and Smith Homes
"I wanted to take the time to express to you how refreshing and cutting edge Jason Forrest's selling platform is and the incredible (and immediate) results it yielded! I have been in this industry for 16 years and I have studied and have been mentored by many sales leaders in our industry; however, it has taken me this long to find a leader and mentor that really GETS IT! Jason Forest is on the cutting edge of today’s challenges with new home sales."
Deb Martin
VP of Sales
Centerline Homes
"To be the best, you must associate with the best, and Jeff Shore is it! His approach to new home sales training is practical and relevant to today’s market. Now combine that with energy, enthusiasm and real life solutions and you have the makings of a top-notch seminar, which Jeff delivers! Each time we bring Jeff to our Divisions, he continues to awe, inspire and motivate our Sales Associates as well as our Leadership Teams, providing them with the tools they need to be the very best!"
Michele Loker
Manager - National Sales Training & Development
Meritage Homes
"I have been listing to the conference calls, applying Jason Forrest's sales philosophies and practicing deep conversational techniques to gain useful inquiries into customer's emotional needs and wants; it's working. I've sold three homes this week."
Bill Musura, Jr.
Misura & Associates
"I'm almost finished reading Jeff's new book Tough Market New Home Sales and recently attended his seminar in Northern California. I have to give Jeff a great big thank you for giving me a whole new perspective on questioning and some new processes! I just wrote a sale yesterday that was ten times easier because I used his techniques."
Carrianne Mucho
Community Manager
"Jason Forrest is an awesome trainer and sales coach. He is the consummate professional—prepared, current with the market and able to tailor his training to the needs of the team. He provides valuable insight and all-important confidence to the sales team during a challenging market."
Cathy Bergstrom
Director of Sales
Miller and Smith Homes
"What I like most about your approach is that you fearlessly tackle the real challenges that we face on a daily basis, and it's my belief that learning how to deal with these challenges is what will separate the good salespeople from the great salespeople."
Shawn Grundy
General Sales Manager
American West Homes
"Knowing Jeff has changed my life! He takes real, true-life buyer situations and customizes a way to overcome any and all objections. His training methods work, and more importantly they make sense. After leaving a training session I am filled with energy and enthusiasm and an overwhelming desire to become better. He inspires you to hold yourself highly accountable and accept nothing but excellence of those you surround."
Natalie Thomas
Sales Manager — Phoenix West Division
Richmond American Homes
"Not having Shore Forrest leading your sales team is like having a student with no teacher and expecting them to learn."
Melissa Daugherty
Regional Sales Manager
Hometown America
"Jeff Shore has a gift! As a professional speaking coach I find that Jeff reaches people in a unique and compelling way. His presentation skills, his authenticity, and his ability to connect with his audience are rare talents in today's speaking industry. Every audience will be inspired and delighted by his message."
Angela DeFinis
DeFinis Communications, Inc.
"I have used Jeff Shore for sales training for the past eight years and I have always been extremely pleased with the results. The salespeople always leave charged up and ready to write a sale! Jeff’s topics are timely and relevant to the needs of new home salespeople and he delivers them in a way that is fun and memorable."
Christine Woodcock
W Real Estate Services
"I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation of the presentation you gave in Temecula. I have been to more seminars and listened to many motivational speakers in my time. I can and have to say, you have set a new level of excellence that all other speakers can only hope to achieve. You have made it easy to want to achieve greatness. The guys are fired up and we want to keep the momentum going. I am having my monthly Superintendents meeting on Oct. 11th and was wondering if I could get a copy of your PowerPoint presentation to share with my Assistant Superintendents who unfortunately could not attend. Again, thank you for inspiring not only our Division, but I'm sure all of the Divisions."
Byron Nezat
Director of Construction
William Lyon Homes
"Jeff Shore has a unique ability to inspire, teach, and connect with a sales team in a way that I have never seen matched. I personally believe and live by the philosophy that Jeff Shore has created: No Yielding! Jeff will always be the resource I utilize throughout my New Home Sales career."
Natasha McBroom
Sales Counselor
Richmond American Homes
"The seminar was wonderful and just what our team needed. Short, sweet, a total re-charge of the sales-batteries. All agents have reported that when they went back to their sales offices that afternoon, they used the techniques discussed to great success-and they had FUN doing it...IT WORKS!"
Diana Sanger
Vice President Sales & Marketing
RBI Builders Solutions
"Hello, Jeff! My sales team was so very impressed and inspired by the day with you. I know the ether is still flowing, and it is my job to reinforce and continue the training. But here are a couple samples of actual professional sales associate sightings here in the valley of the sun: Brian has been practicing his ‘Room Closes’ with every prospect. John (my 13-year veteran) called me on his day off to tell me he couldn’t wait to get to work today to focus on his sales goals. Angela sited her one and only customer today. Major breakthroughs going on all over Camelot. Now, they might not think I’m so crazy after all: having a plan may actually work!"
Dee Dee Dannan
Director of Sales
Camelot Homes, Inc.
"Jeff Shore's training seminars always hit the nail on the head with practical common sense, and most importantly, usable techniques for daily success in the sales office. My sales team said the eight hours went by astoundingly fast and they are already asking for MORE SHORE!!"
Leslie Erbland
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Beazer Homes
"I loved it! Jeff was real and very comical. I did take a lot back with me and I was asked to share something at our last sales meeting. I spoke of the ‘yielding’ as I realized, that yes, I too, am a yielder as well as a ‘comfort addict.’ I have become quite an ‘engager.’ I just keep the conversation going as far as it will go, ‘closing’ the whole way through, ‘til the buyer stops the sale. I also loved Jeff's version of the ‘critical path’ as he was very realistic and I loved his honesty. I have never seen it broken down in that manner and I thought it was great, very funny."
Suzanne Hutfliess
Senior Sales Associate
Standard Pacific Homes
"Jeff’s trainings are chock-full of energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. His knowledge of the homebuilding industry and his animation in his storytelling have a great effect on our salespeople, and our management team, as well. We all leave his training classes with a refocus on our task at hand."
Robert Morganti
VP of Sales
Richmond American Homes
"I would recommend the 40 Day Sales Dare by Jason Forrest. It takes a new home sales person through 40 specific exercises that will help them sell new homes. We just took our entire sales team through the book and it's one of the few sales books that have 100% practical application for home sales. In this market, it's time to get back to SELLING!"
Jeanne Conger
V.P. Sales and Marketing
History Maker Homes
"Now that I've been coached by Jason Forrest, I believe if I hadn't helped my buyer to focus in on the emotional reason for the sale (he loved was perfect for him) then he would have stayed focused on price...and may have strayed to other sites to continue his search. It just goes to show that the emotional close was powerful enough to close him."
Stephanie Pirie
The Fairview Condominiums
"I have been to many seminars and you have always been my favorite speaker but the one you did last week was really exceptional. I always enjoy refresher courses, but last week was different, it was refreshing to hear new ideas. A few of us road to Austin from San Antonio to the training and talked about it the whole way back. I am excited to try selling with a mission."
Debbie Cabello
Sales Manager
Meritage Homes
Creating Urgency University
New Home Sales Training Book 40 Day Sales Dare
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